Saturday, December 1, 2012


Guys our YouTube channel is deleted now.And now we will not create any channel.But We'll think about it. But it doesn't mean that we stopped our working as Volunteers to make our fans happy. We will comeback to YouTube Again but not now after sometime. But guys YOU DON"T need to worry about anything because we are still at Facebook and our page from Facebook will not be deleted also we are going to launch our Official Website. Where no restriction will take place.
YouTube has not only this time but have many time made such stupid steps to terminates accounts of the people. Even the musicians who haven't violated any term. All the problem is with Google people they think they are enough busy but infact they don't want to read from you that's why you can't contact them.

Our channel was always in good condition but still got terminated it means that they have done this stupid thing.

Opinion to Musicians Who are using YouTube: 

Our opinion about all the music mans or musician or singers who are using YouTube "Get your fans on your official site" Cuz YouTube is the platform where you make friends and subscriber and then lose them within a second.

Over all the services of Google and YouTube are really bad and it sucks..!
Really we and our workers just always have pissed of this.
When you upload your music on your site its 100% safe coz its registered with time and date. And this is the main proof of your copyrights to that. But at YouTube your music is also safe with time and date but YouTube can delete your channel at any instant. So please be safe create your own website purchase domain of your desire like www . your name .com etc. If you can't do so make your official fan page or music page at Facebook.It is best because it is not related to stupid Google.
Stay safe..!!
Have a great day..!

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