Friday, October 5, 2012

What You Want To Know

As you know guys we just started our YouTube Channel.Our SUBSCRIBERS are rapidly growing and we have got thousand of views at our channel.This is just because of your support.People told me that you're cool but in fact your support had made me cool.

As i have written before that all the product we provide we have purchased and we have proper license to share it to those who cannot buy it.And so we say that we're working as volunteers.

People have their requests completed for many instrumentals/Software that are not available at internet and if available they're not free.We have provided them hundred percent free.You can see the proof of our progress here below.

Now we have linked our this blog to our YouTube Channel so anyone will visit it to have fun.

Special Request:

The special request for an instrumental was recently made on our channel but now you wonder that how it is special.It was the instrumental for his own song and we have completed that request too.We  do anything for you.As we have provided the track to him hundred percent free and the track was his desired track.Soon we'll share its link here.Till then you can see our copyright tab.

All the instrumentals/Karaoke are always made by our musician Mr.Sam Ali and so his channel is linked to us too.

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