Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Instrumental/Karaoke 100% FREE

Proof of our progress:

Many people has requested on our channel for instrumental and karaoke and even for the software and have their request completed instantly within few time of hours.We cost nothing its 100% FREE.

You can also request for any instrumentals/Karaoke or tutorial or even a software for free.And can get 100FREE very soon.

The first topic we posted how to make requests. You can read that here below.

Proof of our Progress:

The instrumentals that are not available on internet or if available they're not for free but we have provided for free.

Instrumental/Karaoke VIDEOS:

Softwares We Provided:

Video Where Other Requests:

And Much More......That is coming..!

Keep Supporting Thank you..!


100% Free Instrumental/Karaoke (No Servey,No Time/Money Waste).

When we search for an instrumental or a karaoke and couldn't find we lose hope and the fact we find is "Nothing is free in the world" and its totally WRONG.

We provides you any instrumental by any artist by just a request written by you at our YouTube Channel or our YouTube special video.

You can see our channel by Click on the link below:

Volunteers STUDIO

Request For Any Instrumental/Karaoke 100% Free

This channel is basically powered by "Mr.Sam Ali" who is great musician.He had decided to serve humanity with running his music.For more information about this artist you can search his name on Google or you can visit the link given below which goes to their official YouTube Channel.

Mr.Sam Ali (Vocalist,Writer,Musician)

How to request an instrumental or a karaoke?

Alright now question burns that how can i request for my desired thing at this channel? and the answer is very simple you can visit the link below which goes to this channel's video and read and follow the complete instructions written in its description:

Or you may read below what is written in description.


To request go to the following channels and write your requests and SUBSCRIBE them too:
If you have already subscribed then thumbs up this video (Click Here) and thumbs up any of the video from our other channel (Linked Below) and write your feedback at their channel:
You can also write your request here below (in the form of comment for new instrumental)
{Without SUBSCRIPTION or completing requirement your request will NOT BE COMPLETED}
LINK TO SUBSCRIBE (Thumbs Up and Feedback):

"Greater the requests,Lesser the time will be in completing requests.
Thank you...!

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