Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our New YouTube Channel

Hi guys we are back at YouTube now. We appeal the YouTube to Unsuspended our account and YouTube replied that "your account did not match for and violation of our YouTube term. So we suspended your account but after one day they suspended again. After that on our many appeals they sent no reply. This shows that YouTube is doing nothing but a shit. YouTube needs to take care of the users. The main role in this shit is of Google which is involved in almost every-site. Google just forgets that it is just a search engine. Well this really messed up. As we have written in previous post we made this had happened with many persons. They says that they can delete the account for their pleasure. And what we do is to just serve them. By clicking their buttons searching on Google etc.


We gotta new YouTube Channel now that is:


You do have access to us anywhere.Have a great day..!!
Edward Martin
(Software Engineer)

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Guys our YouTube channel is deleted now.And now we will not create any channel.But We'll think about it. But it doesn't mean that we stopped our working as Volunteers to make our fans happy. We will comeback to YouTube Again but not now after sometime. But guys YOU DON"T need to worry about anything because we are still at Facebook and our page from Facebook will not be deleted also we are going to launch our Official Website. Where no restriction will take place.
YouTube has not only this time but have many time made such stupid steps to terminates accounts of the people. Even the musicians who haven't violated any term. All the problem is with Google people they think they are enough busy but infact they don't want to read from you that's why you can't contact them.

Our channel was always in good condition but still got terminated it means that they have done this stupid thing.

Opinion to Musicians Who are using YouTube: 

Our opinion about all the music mans or musician or singers who are using YouTube "Get your fans on your official site" Cuz YouTube is the platform where you make friends and subscriber and then lose them within a second.

Over all the services of Google and YouTube are really bad and it sucks..!
Really we and our workers just always have pissed of this.
When you upload your music on your site its 100% safe coz its registered with time and date. And this is the main proof of your copyrights to that. But at YouTube your music is also safe with time and date but YouTube can delete your channel at any instant. So please be safe create your own website purchase domain of your desire like www . your name .com etc. If you can't do so make your official fan page or music page at Facebook.It is best because it is not related to stupid Google.
Stay safe..!!
Have a great day..!

Friday, October 5, 2012

What You Want To Know

As you know guys we just started our YouTube Channel.Our SUBSCRIBERS are rapidly growing and we have got thousand of views at our channel.This is just because of your support.People told me that you're cool but in fact your support had made me cool.

As i have written before that all the product we provide we have purchased and we have proper license to share it to those who cannot buy it.And so we say that we're working as volunteers.

People have their requests completed for many instrumentals/Software that are not available at internet and if available they're not free.We have provided them hundred percent free.You can see the proof of our progress here below.

Now we have linked our this blog to our YouTube Channel so anyone will visit it to have fun.

Special Request:

The special request for an instrumental was recently made on our channel but now you wonder that how it is special.It was the instrumental for his own song and we have completed that request too.We  do anything for you.As we have provided the track to him hundred percent free and the track was his desired track.Soon we'll share its link here.Till then you can see our copyright tab.

All the instrumentals/Karaoke are always made by our musician Mr.Sam Ali and so his channel is linked to us too.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 New Music Making Software Free

New Music Making Program FOR PC:

We are also providing now a software for making your own music without any instrument.This software is like "Garageband" which is not for PC.This software is very similar to that.

How to compose music with it?

If you don't want to use instruments or if you haven't instruments you can choose its virtual instrument.Above 100000 virtual instruments are built inside the pack we are given.You can play and record to make its loops with your computer keyboard and then just arrange your loops make a music track.Sing along it and apply vst effects above 1000 vst effects are present in it.Make your vocals quality like original studio vocals.

Record Video:

You can also record video while you recording your vocals along the tracks.So you can make your own Official video for your own song.There is also video editors and special transition effect built inside it.

Musical Loops Pack:

It has already built in loops pack.About millions of royalty free loops are present in it.You can separate them by genre, instruments, etc by just a single click.You can use them with your technique to make your own song.

Download Instruction

Click the button below and follow the instruction given in the YouTube Video.


Free Applications for mobiles

Now we're also providing 100% FREE:

  1. Nokia Application Pack
  2. Nokia s60v2 applications
  3. Nokia s60v3 applications
  4. Nokia s60v5 applications

Android & Apple Applications:

We're also providing now applications for the android technology devices and apple devices like iphone, ipod etc.

Any request for any material can be made by the guide given below...!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Instrumental/Karaoke 100% FREE

Proof of our progress:

Many people has requested on our channel for instrumental and karaoke and even for the software and have their request completed instantly within few time of hours.We cost nothing its 100% FREE.

You can also request for any instrumentals/Karaoke or tutorial or even a software for free.And can get 100FREE very soon.

The first topic we posted how to make requests. You can read that here below.

Proof of our Progress:

The instrumentals that are not available on internet or if available they're not for free but we have provided for free.

Instrumental/Karaoke VIDEOS:

Softwares We Provided:

Video Where Other Requests:

And Much More......That is coming..!

Keep Supporting Thank you..!


100% Free Instrumental/Karaoke (No Servey,No Time/Money Waste).

When we search for an instrumental or a karaoke and couldn't find we lose hope and the fact we find is "Nothing is free in the world" and its totally WRONG.

We provides you any instrumental by any artist by just a request written by you at our YouTube Channel or our YouTube special video.

You can see our channel by Click on the link below:

Volunteers STUDIO

Request For Any Instrumental/Karaoke 100% Free

This channel is basically powered by "Mr.Sam Ali" who is great musician.He had decided to serve humanity with running his music.For more information about this artist you can search his name on Google or you can visit the link given below which goes to their official YouTube Channel.

Mr.Sam Ali (Vocalist,Writer,Musician)

How to request an instrumental or a karaoke?

Alright now question burns that how can i request for my desired thing at this channel? and the answer is very simple you can visit the link below which goes to this channel's video and read and follow the complete instructions written in its description:

Or you may read below what is written in description.


To request go to the following channels and write your requests and SUBSCRIBE them too:
If you have already subscribed then thumbs up this video (Click Here) and thumbs up any of the video from our other channel (Linked Below) and write your feedback at their channel:
You can also write your request here below (in the form of comment for new instrumental)
{Without SUBSCRIPTION or completing requirement your request will NOT BE COMPLETED}
LINK TO SUBSCRIBE (Thumbs Up and Feedback):

"Greater the requests,Lesser the time will be in completing requests.
Thank you...!